To register for the course simply go the “Packages” menu option located on the top right of the website. Select your preferable payment option and click “Get Started”. Here you will enter the relevant information and click “Register”. 

Congrats, you’re now part of the Freedom Real Estate Industry (FREI) community!

Complete 60 classroom hours of Real Estate Principles and Practices.

The passing grade is 70% on the final examination.

To become a Connecticut real estate agent, perform the following:

– Complete 60 hours of approved Connecticut Pre-Licensing education

– Receive a grade of 70% or more on the Course Final Exam

– Gain pre-approval by PSI BEFORE you can register to take the salesperson examination

– Pass the Connecticut Real Estate License Exam

– Receive your Connecticut real estate license

Connecticut offers license reciprocity with the following states:

a. Alabama

b. Colorado

c. Florida

d. Georgia

e. Illinois

f. Indiana

g. Massachusetts

h. Mississippi

i. Nebraska

j. New York

k. Ohio

l. Oklahoma

m. Rhode Island


No, digital copies of the books needed for the course can be purchased via the website for $50.

There are no additional fees associated to THIS course.

Yes, the course registration expires after completing the course successfully and receiving your certificate.

Payment for the course must be paid in full prior to taking the final exam. Failure to do so will result in not being permitted to take the final exam until full payment is paid. A 10% service fee will be applied if a student decides to cancel before the date of the first class. No refunds if the student cancels on/after the date of the first class.

A student must complete the full 60 hours of class time in order to be eligible to take the final exam. If a student is unable to make a class, they must inform the admin so that they will be recognized as absent, in order to make up their class time and get the time credits. However, if a student is absent without reason for two or more classes, they will need to provide reason in order to continue with the course and in certain cases may need to re-register.

Classes will be held exclusively online until the state gives permission to resume in-person classes.

No, classes are not permitted by the state to be recorded. All classes are live and students are required to be on screen for the entire duration of the class.

Once a course cycle is in progress you will be permitted to join in. You will join at the beginning of the following week after registering and making your payment, the beginning of the week is considered Monday, unless otherwise disclosed it will be the following class date, which is Wednesday.

No, participants must be 18 years or older to register.

Yes they can, however their real estate license can be suspended or revoked and the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection could impose a fine of up to $2,000 if they have been found guilty of the following: Forgery, embezzlement, obtaining money under false pretenses, larceny, extortion, conspiracy to defraud, or other similar offenses